10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

10 Free Video Editors For YouTube To Up Your Production Game

YouTube is one of the most thriving social platforms, where business and marketing videos can be watched and shared with viewers around the world.

The platform is quite easy and convenient to use, but the difficult part is garnering maximum likes, comments, and shares from these videos. It is the outreach of the videos that businesses are most concerned with.

To make sure that you get maximum subscriptions for your Youtube channel, you must curate and edit meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, and compelling videos that your target audience just cannot ignore.

The good news is that today you can curate YouTube videos using free video editing software that will help you up your video production game and let you ace the world of YouTube marketing. Let’s explore some of these:

10 Video Editing Software Options For YouTube

Here is a list of the 10 most popular video editing software available online. Most of them are free video editing softwares that would be compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac, so just take your pick:

1. Shotcut

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

This open-source software works very well and provides the functionality you need.

If you want to go for an intuitive interface, you can use Shotcut to trim and export. The transitions available are limited, but if you need to edit your work to upload it to YouTube, Shotcut is for you.

It has cross-platform functionality and multi-channel support. It is a low-budgeted but worthwhile video editing software. 

2. InVideo

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

If you need better free video editing software compatibility with more editing features, simply settle for Invideo. This application comes with multiple templates, graphics, transitions, animations, and overlays that enhance your YouTube video.

It has all the tricks and techniques for basic video editing like trimming, merging, rotating, or resequencing clips. Adding sounds, special effects, transitions, and adjusting brightness and contrast is its USP.

You can cut and animate clips to control what you see with maximum autosave per minute. InVideo empowers your editing skills with templates, captions, compound shots, text, images, and video clips, where you can add unlimited soundtracks and videos.

You can create a video in just 5 minutes by using templates for video ads, social media videos, releases, promotional videos, presentations, explanatory videos, etc.

3. IMovie

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

If you’re using a Mac or iPhone, then iMovie is one of the most accessible free video editing softwares that you can use. It is an easy-to-use software for Mac that provides the basic video editing features you’d expect, such as trimming, cropping, and clip placement.

It covers the fundamentals of editing videos, like adding graphics, visual effects, and titles to your videos. When the video looks the way you want, you can easily share it directly to all your social media platforms.

4. Blender

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

As the name suggests, you can use this software for video editing, rendering, animation, modeling, VFX, and gaming. This software uses a timeline, so you can crop the video, edit images, clips, and sound, and add transitions or filters.

Blender also provides a live preview, histogram, and saturation vectorscope display. To enhance your creative freedom game, Blender offers audio mixing, speed control, waveform visualization, and level adjustment. 

5. Lightworks

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

As compared to the other modern editing software, this may seem a little outdated, but it is still in demand because of its user-friendly interface and great collection of features.

It offers a variety of transitions, cropping features, and visual effects that help creators create compelling videos.

Lightworks is optimized to save file export time so that you can publish your files faster on YouTube channels. There is also a multi-camera editing function, so you can easily edit images taken with two or more cameras.

6. Wondershare Filmora

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

You can use this software to shoot, edit, and share videos like a professional, even if you don’t have video editing skills. This is free software with an intuitive interface that is the perfect option for beginners.

Filmora allows you to add videos, images, and audio files to your project, including all the basic video editing tools and advanced editing features like video stabilization, noise reduction, etc.

Filmora also includes an effects library, so you can use color corrections and text and image overlays to make your videos more interesting. There is also a large royalty-free audio library with music and sound effects that you can use for your videos.

Increase your creativity with the chroma-key (green screen) and split-screen video capabilities.

7. Openshot

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

Openshot comes with a fairly user-friendly interface but provides limited animation effects.

However, Openshot is a great option as its editing features are slightly different. Instead of on-screen editing, Openshot uses a floating window. This means that the edits are made using the layers represented by the separate windows in the software.

8. HitFilm Express

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

There are many features that YouTube video makers will love, and you can access even more with a small investment.

HitFilm Express is naturally embedded with convenient and hassle-free basic video editing features, and you would not need to add on anything using it.

9. Windows Movie Maker

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

This software works wonders with the Windows operating system. It helps you create movies from photos, video clips, and music, with basic video editing features like merging videos, adding background music and text captions, as well as image filters, transition effects, and panning.

It provides advanced features such as the tilt zoom effect and supports media formats such as mp4, WMV, Mkv, MOV, Avi, MPEG, mpg, etc.

You can also use the software to overlay text captions and emojis, add still images in frames, and add title slides, using more than 30 transition effects with fade-in and fade-out effects.

10. Clipchamp

10 Free Video Editors for YouTube to Up Your Production Game

This is a quick online video editor which is very easy to use.

Clipchamp does not generate HD video, but exports it to MP4, where you can speed, resize or crop video clips, rotate and flip video, show or hide audio or video files, and choose from numerous filters to add visual interest to your video.

You can simply upload the file to the Clipchamp website, relocate the files and cut out the ones you don’t need. It works well on all operating systems and is a great option to consider.


To make outstanding videos on YouTube, choosing the best video editing software is essential. Relevant and easy-to-use software helps you create compelling video thumbnails and eye-catching, relevant, high-quality video content to attract viewers and extend your brand’s reach.

For promotional videos, what matters the most is to create a powerful first impression, so use one of the best software available to create a professional business promotion video and get the attention of your worthy customers.

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