How To Clear Cache On Bluestacks [PC Or Mac]

How To Clear Cache On Bluestacks? [PC Or Mac]

BlueStacks is a premiere Android emulator. It is in use for both PC and Mac. In essential, BlueStacks can create a copy of a virtual Android phone on your computer. Thus one can play Android-exclusive games and apps. But in this sort of emulation, it uses a lot of data.

The most important thing is even when you are done; space will still be occupied by the cache. There are basically two ways in which one can clear their cache on Bluestacks and free up space for extra storage. If you are searching for step-by-step guidelines to know How to clear cache on Bluestacks [PC or Mac].

Here’s a complete guide to know how. If you are using Bluestacks 5 on a PC, you can clear the cache through the already built-in setting app. Bluestacks 4 on MAC allows you to use the Disk cleanup feature to reclaim unused space.

How To Clear Cache On Bluestacks

In WINDOWS 11, Android apps are allowed to get downloaded from Amazon App store (available for US citizens) but for those who are not in US and reside in any other location, they have to rely on alternative ways to run the Android apps on your Windows 11 PC.

Now let’s look into the content for further details-

How To Clear Cache In Bluestacks 5?

Are you seeking for information on how to clear cache on Bluestacks 5? BlueStacks 5 on PC and BlueStacks 4 on Mac are the major versions of BlueStacks. Using these users can easily erase off the unnecessary data. If you know how to reset Bluestacks, then proceed toward resetting for a better user experience.

Although both are little different, inspite of their difference, both may free up extra shortage space that Bluestacks doesn’t need. By using the Bluestacks emulator, one can consume and store a lot of data, and even after that you are done using the Android apps continue to keep the cache files.

  • Clean cache available on Google Play Services
  • On Bluestacks clear the cache data from Android
  • Use and Run BlueStacks disk cleanup utility

How To Clear The Cache In Bluestacks On PC?

Bluestacks cleaner is used on PC to clean off the cache data actively. There are indeed two methods to clean off your cache in Bluestacks 5.


1. Make Use Of Your Fake Android Phone’s Settings App
How To Clear Cache On Bluestacks

Here’s a short step-by-step guidelines to proceed with the same.

● ‘OPEN’ Bluestacks and stay tuned to the app’s homepage

Click on the folder named ‘SYSTEM APPS’, and CLICK the ‘SELECT’ settings


Clean the CACHE files on Google Play Services. CLICK on MANAGE SPACE button and CLEAR ALL DATA option

2. It Is Time To Clean Android Cache Data On Bluestacks.

Here’s A Second Method To How You Can Do It.

OPEN Bluestacks on Your PC or Mac

CLICK on the SYSTEM Apps folder & CLICK on SETTINGS


CLICK on CACHE DATA and PRESS the OK button

3. Run Bluestacks Disk Cleanup Utility

BLUESTACKS consists of a DISK Cleanup utility. It clears the app data and cache files. It will easily free up the space for extra STORAGE. Here’s a third way in which you can easily understand to how you can run the DISK CLEANUP UTILITY to clean the cache.

OPEN Bluestacks Emulator on PC & CLICK on SMALL GEAR ICON



Click OK button & the cleanup is ready

How To Clear Cache On Bluestacks
4. How To Clear The Cache On Bluestacks For Mac?

All of you must have heard of ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’; similarly, when it is in MAC, you have to only use the APP’s preferences Page. On MAC, the SETTINGS menu is called PREFERENCES.

OPEN the APP and CLICK on BLUESTACKS (top-left corner of the screen)

CLICK ‘PREFERENCES’, then CLICK USERDATA at the top of the POP-UP that opens

CLICK the FREE UP Space option and SELECT ‘CONTINUE’ to confirm

Click OK and the clean up begins

After you process these steps, BLUESTACKS will shut the screen down and clean up all the files properly. Until the app relaunches, it will free up the space that doesn’t need it.  If the cache is not cleaned from time to time, it will slow down the computer and make it go corrupt.

If the Bluestacks out of space, go for a RESET option and then use it for cleaning the cache files.

Expert Tip: Bluestacks 10 is also available on PC. It doesn’t offer a way to clear the cache. You will have to open Bluestacks 5 to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to clear play store cache?

Ans1. Routinely, Google play store keeps collecting the cachebased on your preferred location.

If you want to clean off the play store cache on Bluestacks, follow these simple steps-

  1. Open BLUESTACKS 5
  2. Open the SYSTEM APP Folder & SELECT settings
  3. CLICK on Google Play Store &  open APP info
  4. Click on STORAGE and CACHE data & Cache
  5. CONFIRM and click on CLEAR DATA button
  6. CLICK OK button

Your cache in the play store will be cleaned completely

Q2. How do I delete an app in Bluestacks?

Ans2. Here’ how you should step forward for an app in Buestacks-

  • Launch BlueStacks & open up the ‘My Apps’ tab
  • Look for the app you want to remove from BlueStacks and press it long
  • Once you choose to long-press the app, the option for UNINSTALL appears
  • Drag the app on top of the uninstall option and drop it once it turns red

Q3. What is the fastest way to clear app cache?

Ans3. Cache is a storage space for transitory information available on the device. It is important to reduce the quantity of data processed and consumed, making the user experience smooth and quick.

  • OPEN Settings
  • Choose Installed Apps
  • Find Apps & CLICK on clear app data
  • Choose and move to storage tab


Cleaning off the cache in Bluestacks for PC is an easy task. You can easily free off the storage space on your WINDOWS 11 computer by using three approaches. Applying these three approaches one can easily get the right results. We hope this content could satiate your queries and you will find it useful in using these to get better results.

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