How To Factory Reset Ps3

Guide To Reset Ps3: How To Factory Reset Ps3

is your PlayStation 3 freezing every now and then? No need to worry, we will help you with the factory reset steps to resolve this issue.

Factory reset is required when someone is facing a problem with the PlayStation or if the user wants to delete the personal data or any information.

Let’s see how to factory reset p3s.

Playstation3 reset is the process where factory reset ps3 is done to bring PS3 back to the factory reset settings.

But, how do you completely reset a PS3 can be a matter of concern.

So, let’s know all of it right here!

How To Reset Ps3 System

Reset ps3 to the factory is a process that has some basic easy steps for the user to follow without any expert technical assistance.

How To Reset Ps3 System
How To Reset Ps3 System

The below steps will guide you with ps3 resetting process. Also, if any user wants to know how to reformat a ps3 then also below steps will be performed.

  • Go to Settings and select system settings
  • Select Restore PS3 System by scrolling down
  • Click yes to confirm
  • As per your preference select the quick format or full format
  • Select yes for the confirmation
  • PS3 will return to the factory reset settings

So, resetting the ps3 to the factory is finally done!

Moving ahead, let’s find out more about rebooting!

Factory Reset PS3 Slim

Here comes music to your ears. It is not at all a complicated process. By following the above steps, you can resolve how to reboot a ps3 and how to format ps3.

While performing the above steps, just make sure of the below points:

  • Simply select the safe mode by pressing and holding the power button until three beeps can be heard.
  • And then, select ‘Restore PS3 system’.

Furthermore, we can also use the reset button to reset the ps3, but the question arises where is the reset button on a ps3.

Well, it is at the flipside of the controller.

So are you ready to do a reset to your PS3, Let’s do it!

Data Impact Post Restoring Process

Have you ever thought about what does restoring ps3 system does to the data? Will restoring PS3 delete everything?

Data Impact Post Restoring Process
Data Impact Post Restoring Process

 Well! When you do the restoring ps3 system process, entire data in the storage of your PS3 will be deleted and the system settings will go back to the default.

During restoring ps3 to factory settings all the data loss is the user’s responsibility. In this article, we will see how to factory reset PlayStation 3?

There are many incidents wherein your playStation3 might face a freezing issue. To get rid of this issue restoring is required.

 Let’s see how restoring ps3 to factory settings is.

Here, manual settings will be required as we cannot go to the settings option on the display because the controller is jammed due to a freezing issue. Hence, settings will be done via console.

How Do I Restore My Playstation To Factory Settings?

  • You will see a power button on the Consoler. Hold this button continuously for 30 seconds. Three beeps will be alarmed and your playStation3 will be turned off automatically
  • Wait for approx. 30-40 seconds. Now turn the power on by simply pressing the power button on the console. Do not use the controller to turn on the playStation3 as it might not read your device. Use the power button on the console only.
  • Now the system will automatically start the scanning to check the problem from playStation3’s disk. This will take some time, hence be patient and let the system complete the scanning. Post scanning you will get rid of the freezing issue and will be able to use playStation3.

Hard Reset Playstation 3

Till now we have learned how to factory reset the playStation3 and reset the PlayStation manually (with console) for freezing issues. There are many major issues in playStation3 for which cautious steps have to be taken.

Hard Reset Playstation 3
Hard Reset Playstation 3

You are required to do a hard reset of PlayStation 3 only when you are facing some major issue. These issues are device is unable to play games and the movies or the locking problem.

This is the last step you can take to reset your playStation3. Your data might get lost, hence don’t forget to take a backup if required.

  • Power off from the back button (don’t use the front power button here) and turn the power back on
  • Now long-press the front button to turn the playstation3. Don’t leave the button till the time you don’t heat three beeps. Post earing three beeps leave the power button
  • Now you need to complete the initial setup and run the full format by going into ‘system’ and the ‘format’. This process might take up to 4 hours approx. you need to keep AV cables ready in case HDMI is not detected post the initial reset.
  • If a backup of data was created then you have to restore your data now

By following these hard reset steps you will be able to resolve the problem.

How Long Does It Take To Factory Reset PS3?

When we start with the factory reset process one thing always comes into mind. How long does it take to factory reset PS3? Well! It totally depends on the drive.

For full format on 60 GB, the original drive time will be 200+ minutes and for 500 GB it will be 1500+minutes.


While using PS3 you may experience many problems that may be very tough to resolve. By following the steps which are described in this article you can make your task easy. This is a quick guide that will help you to understand the steps which will be followed to get rid of the issues.

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