How To Get The Outlands From Orgrimmar

How To Get The Outlands From Orgrimmar?

The popular Burning Crusade Classic was launched recently. Now, the Outland world has various exciting features for gaming lovers worldwide. Thus, people want to know how to get the outlands from Orgrimmar.

Firstly, the gamers need to pass across the horrifying Dark Portal to get here. Hence, you need to know the location of the Dark Portal first. Also, how you can go to the Outlands if you play Shadowlands.

Thus, this article covers everything for you. So, read below to get answers to all your questions, such as how to get to the outlands from Stormwind and many more.

Where Is The Dark Portal In Wow?

Have a look at the following ways to how to get to the outlands from Orgrimmar.

For Retail

Dark Portal is situated right in the middle of Blasted Lands of the Eastern Kingdoms in this segment. The coordinates of the Blasted Lands are 55.02, and 53.96.

You can also enjoy a special feature in your retail purchase. So, you can ask the NPC of the North Entrance to time travel back. Hence, from here, you can get the chance to witness the Dark Portal before the Warlords of Draenor invaded it.

How To Get The Outlands From Orgrimmar
How To Get The Outlands From Orgrimmar

For Classic

Secondly, if you are using the Burning Classic, you can easily get to the popular Dark Portal. It is located at around 58.7, 59.2. For this, you need to go to How To Get The Outlands From Orgrimmar situated at the southeast corner. Also, remember that your character should be of Level 58.

 Furthermore, traveling through the Blasted Lands will get out from the Portal. Getting to the Outland highly depends if you are Horde or an Alliance player. So, if you are an Alliance player, then you need to read below to know how to get to the outlands from Stormwind.

Solutions To Get To Outland From Stormwind

The popular game of the Burning Crusade starts by welcoming you to the Outland. This is a new place filled with exquisite biomes, environments, and lush green regions.

For Retail

Firstly, for retail, you can reach Outland if you take the Shattrath portal. This Portal is available at the quarter tower. However, you can find the Portal with the following steps.

  • You can go to the tower of the mage quarter.
  • Secondly, you can also go to the top by climbing the spiral stairs
  • Third, go right and then take the 2nd Portal appearing on the right side

For Classic

Second, if you are a player of Burning Crusade of Classic, you can also get to the Outland. Hence, all you need to do is

  • take a flight path to reach the Dark Portal. The flight path should be from the Stormwind towards the Nethergarde Keep.
  • But, if there is no flight path, you can go across the Swamp of Sorrows and get inside the Blasted Lands.

Tips to Get To Outland from Orgrimmar

So, if you are a Horde player, you can follow the below steps to reach the Outlands.

For Retail

You can find the Outland when you take the Portal from Pathfinder’s den. Hence, this is actually a portal room that is located at the southern entrance of the Orgrimmar. Take a quick look at the following.

  • Go to the portal room of the Orgrimmar, which you can see on the world map
  •  Secondly, go down the stairs and turn left to find two guardian images
  • Thirdly, you can continue going down the stair to reach the portal room located at the bottom.
  • Finally, you will see various portals, and the Shattrath one is available on the left side.
How To Get The Outlands From Orgrimmar
How To Get The Outlands From Orgrimmar

For Classic

Subsequently, the closest path to reach Dark Portal is in the Stonard. It is present in the Swamp of Sorrows.  It is present in the Swamp of Sorrows. You will find Swamp of Sorrows at three regions.

  • Eastern part of the Deadwind Pass
  • The southern part of Redridge Mountain
  • Northern Region of Blasted Lands
  • Apart from that, you can also ride a goblin ship towards Stranglethorn Vale to Ratchet.

Thus, you can reach the Blasted Lands bypassing the Eastern Kingdoms. It is at the continent’s south-eastern point and then you will find the Dark Portal for the Orgrimmar. This is how to get to the outlands from Orgrimmar.

In addition, do you want to know how to get to Shadowmoon Valley from Orgrimmar? Then, you can know that here.

Ways To Get The Shadowmoon Valley From Orgrimmar

 For Alliance, it is super easy to get inside the zone. You are only required to teleport by using the Garrison Hearthstone.

Thus, after you reach the town hall, you need to go outside the town hall. Then, again run away from the Garrison, and you will reach Shadowmoon Valley. On the other hand, for Horde, it is a complicated task. But you can reach there by flying to Blasted Lands.

After that, you can enter the port, which is available in the Action House of Orgrimmar. Hence, you have to run past where you see the fighting of “Kael’thas Sunstrider on Tempest Keep.

However, you need to notice that you stop before the Netherstorm. Then, you have to run past the glowing and flashing region, having a green pool. With this, you will reach the Shadowmoon Valley but remember that you must be before -300000, 0, 200, and past or on -500000, 0, -200.

You must also know how you can reach the Hellfire Peninsula from the Stormwind. You can get to the Hellfire Peninsula by entering the Portal located at the Mage Quarter Tower. Thus, you can walk across the Dark Portal and then get there. Want to know how then, read on.

How To Get The Outlands From Orgrimmar

How To Get To The Hellfire Peninsula From Stormwind

As said above, then you can go to the Portal of the Blasted Lands and teleport to the Hellfire peninsula directly. The next is the Blasted Lands from Stormwind, let’s see how to get into it.

Follow These Steps to Know How To Get To Blasted Lands From Stormwind

So, if you are having difficulty finding Blasted Lands, then here is the answer. Follow the below steps.

  • You need to know that it was removed from there during the Azeroth Battle. However, it was replaced in Shattrath City.
  • If you want to go to Blasted Lands, you have to reach it by flying yourself or by flight path.

After reaching level 60, you can go towards Zangmarsh or continue your game in Hellfire. Therefore, you can read below to reach Zangmarsh from Orgrimmar.

Get To The Zangmarsh From Orgrimmar        

As you know, Zangmarsh is situated in the Outlands. Therefore, after you reach the Orgrimmar, you have to go to the Blasted Lands. Subsequently, you can go in the west direction and reach the Hellfire Peninsula. You will finally reach Zangmarsh from Orgrimmar.


These are some important FAQs that can help you how to get to the outlands from Orgrimmar.

1. How Do I Get To The Outlands Horde?

If you are playing as Horde, you can reach the Outlands in a short time. For that, you need to use the Portal at Pathfinder’s den. However, you can reach this Portal from the entrance on the southern side of the Orgrimmar.

2. Where Is Shattrath Portal In Orgrimmar?

So, you need to visit the Shatttrath city and then go to “Terrace of Light.” Hence, here you can find the Shattrath Portal in Orgrimmar. However, after patch 9.0, the Portal is ultimately shifted to the portal room down.

3. How Do You Get To Hellfire Peninsula From Orgrimmar?

Hence, if you are playing Classic, you need to go to Ratchet, which is located in the Barrens. Then, you have to take the goblin ship and reach the Stranglethorn. Furthermore, you can find Blasted Lands located at the Southeast corner and use Dark Portal.

On the other hand, if you play Shadowlands, then you can follow the below steps.

·        Firstly, go to the Portal Room of Orgrimmar

·        Then, take the stairs to go down and locate two guardian images

·        Thirdly, you have to go down again to find the portal room at the base

Thus, here you will find several portals. You can talk to the Honor Hold Mage at the tower entrance. Then, you can travel to the Hellfire Peninsula.


In conclusion, these are the steps through which you can get to the Stormwind and Outlands from Orgrimmar. Hence, you can also find the instructions about the path for Shattrath Portal and Hellfire Peninsula. So, read the steps carefully and enjoy!

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