How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker

How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker?

Are you worried about your safety while walking with the help of a walker? To enhance protection and reduce the chances of accidents, tennis balls can How to Put Tennis Balls In A Walker prove to be the perfect solution here.

Tennis balls create the perfect friction for creating negligible chances of accidents. However, if you want to find out how to put tennis balls in a walker, then cutting the balls skilfully and inserting them at the bottom of the walker cautiously holds the solution.

To find out the best ways you can put tennis balls in a walker, follow the upcoming sections that will offer a detailed look at various tricks and ideas regarding attaching tennis balls. Let us dive right into the topic, shall we?

List Of Ways To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker

1. Marking The Outline Method

This method will provide a detailed look at how to cut tennis balls for the walker and then perfectly insert it at the bottom of the walker. Follow the steps below to nail it!

  • First, Gather All The Materials That You Need.

Before you start with your process, you must have all the materials ready in front of you. These materials are:

  • Sharp box cutters
  • Tennis ball
  • An item that will hold the tennis ball in position
  • Nail
  • Hammer

Now that you have arranged the materials, you need to start with the process to attach the tennis balls to the walker.

On a different note, if you are worried about is it safe to put tennis balls on a walker, then you should keep in mind that tennis balls are indeed unsafe and unsanitary.

They are the carrier of germs and they make the How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker extremely unstable for a person to use.

How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker?
How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker?

Hold The Ball In A Steady Place:

 As we have already mentioned about the materials we need in the above point, you now need to use the item to hold the tennis ball at a steady position. How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker The material or vice will now be used to hold the ball tight and steady to prevent it from moving.

Make sure you stabilize the ball on the vice in such a way that it does not move around when you initiate the cutting process of the ball.

Also, you should know that if you are already used to this procedure then you can stabilize the ball only by using your hand. Otherwise, you can seek the help of the vice to do it for you.

Now if you don’t have a vice, you can ask some other person to hold the ball for you in a steady position. Your aim here is to prevent the ball from moving around when you are cutting it.

  • Mark Out The Starting Point.

You might have noticed that we have included a hammer and nail in the list of items that you need to put the balls on the walker. But remember, these materials are definitely optional.

This is because instead of using a hammer and a nail, you can easily use a sharp box cutter to put a hole that marks the starting point from where the actual cutting process begins.

 To sum up, if you wondering how to drill a hole in a tennis ball, you can easily hammer a nail into the ball after you have marked the starting point.

  • Cut The Ball In An X Pattern

Now from the hole you made, cut the surface of the ball on an X pattern using the knife. Make sure that the size of the X is two inches in length. However, you might cut the ball in more than 2 inches in length.

This is due to the fact that the size of the X will also depend on the size of the walker’s legs. Follow the line while cutting that makes the x shape on the tennis ball.

  • Finally, Put The Ball In The Walker’s Leg.

After you are done with cutting and making the X cut on the tennis ball. Now push the ball on the walker’s leg. You just need to open the flaps and slide the legs of the How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker. You can even choose to add glue to the balls or to the bottoms of the walker so that ball is securely attached to the bottom.

This is totally optional as the ball will definitely be at its place if you have made the cutting using appropriate measurements.

How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker?
How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker?

However, if you are looking for alternatives to tennis balls on a walker, you can try:

  • drive medical glide pads which are actually a set of 4 yellow-colored glide pads.
  • Walker glides can be attached to the bottoms of the walker and you can use them to move around easily even in the outdoor area.
  • Walker cleaners are also safer and cleaner alternatives to a tennis ball on walkers.

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2. Pre-Cut Tennis Balls For Walkers

To save yourself from the inconvenience of cutting and measuring How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker and finally inserting it, you may choose to adopt the most convenient way to handle the issue i.e. buying pre-cut tennis balls.

You can find plenty of websites and online shops on the internet from where you can buy pre-cut tennis balls that fit perfectly to most walkers and are extremely easy to be installed. 

  • They have a really soft exterior that helps to slide the legs of the walkers into them effortlessly.
  • The benefit of these pre-cut balls is you do not have to make appropriate measurements and cut the ball using an X pattern anymore.
  •  You can just buy these balls from eBay at affordable rates. And then save yourself from the hassle of cutting tennis balls using definite measurements.

3. Ways To Cut Tennis Balls For Chairs

Just like walkers, at certain times the bottoms of the chairs wear off and cause disbalance and injury. Owing to that, you might require a tennis ball here as well to enhance safety and prevent any future accidents or injuries.

If you are wondering how to cut tennis balls for chairs, the following steps will prove to be significant in this case. Browse through them to get a clear idea of how to get the job done.

  • Before cutting the ball, keep in mind that since the latex is thick, trying to cut the ball can be a dangerous job and lead to injury. So you should be cautious before attempting to cut it.
  • Wrap a hand towel around the ball, place it in a vice and squeeze the vice around the towel so that the ball cannot slide away and you can easily slice it.
  • At first, puncture the ball with the tip of a knife, and then start with your cutting process. Now, you need to cut a slice approximately of 1-inch long and then cut another slit perpendicular to the first to create an X-shaped slice.
  • Next, push the ball onto the bottom of a chair leg through the X-cut to finish the chair slider. Now you can easily use tennis balls on chair legs.
How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker?
How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker?

4. Walker Glides Vs Tennis balls

Let us help you explore the various facts and suggestions that will help you come down to a conclusion on which one is better: walker glides or tennis balls.

  • Tennis balls when cut open and inserted at the bottom of the legs of the walker can prove to be extremely capable of smooth moving around.
  • However, these smooth walkers will no longer be useful if it has to be used on a concrete surface.
  • There’s no doubt about the fact that tennis balls are a perfect option when the walker is used for indoor areas over smooth surfaces but what do you do when you need to walk around on concrete surfaces?
  • This is when you need the use of a glider How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker ski or walker glide. These little walker accessories pop right on the rear legs of the walker with front wheels and make it just skate right along even over the carpet, tile, hardwood, and concrete.
  • Since they hold up on concrete really well, they can be considered the best option to use on walkers.
  • You can get these at Walmart and amazon at an extremely affordable rate and definitely at not more than 10$. These little skis make walking a lot easier and can be used indoors as well as in outdoor areas.


1. Why Do People Put Tennis Balls On Walker’s Legs?

The bottom of the walker’s legs tends to wear off after using it for a considerable amount of time. However, instead of throwing How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker the whole walker, you can resort to changing the bottoms or replacing it with a tennis ball.

Tennis balls are quieter, easier and effortless to move around. In fact, there are tennis balls which are particularly made for walkers. You can use normal tennis balls and cut them in an X pattern by using the procedures stated in the earlier part of this article.

2. How Can I Make My Walker More Quiet?

The walkers often make noise when you use them to walk around. To remove the sound, you might use the tennis balls and insert them at the bottom.

Drive medical walker ski glides on Amazon can be considered How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker a perfect choice for giving you a quieter and smoother movement on the carpet, wood, and outdoor surfaces.

3. Do You Put Tennis Balls On The Front Or Back Of A Walker?

The two back legs of the walker tend to wear off faster than the other two at the front. So, generally, the tennis balls go on the two back legs of the walker. Hold the ball in a vice or your hand so that it doesn’t move. Make a small cut on the tennis ball with a knife. When you cut, move the ball away from you and not towards you for safety.

4. How To Add Tennis Balls To A Walker?

To add tennis balls to the walker, you must How To Put Tennis Balls In A Walker at first stabilize the tennis balls, and hold them cautiously to prevent any injury.

Make a hole or puncture the surface to initiate slicing the ball from that point in an X pattern. Now, insert the legs of the walker into the cut area of the tennis ball.

Final Verdict:

We understand how much of a hassle it is to use a walker without the bottom caps that have already worn off. To prevent that and ensure enhanced safety, it is best for you to insert tennis balls or walker glides into your walker.

Tennis balls offer a larger surface area and are much quieter and smoother when it comes to walking around. You can easily put them on your walker using the procedure mentioned earlier in this article. Hope the article solved your purpose and you enjoyed reading it! Good luck!

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