Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen

Differences That Matter: Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen

Do you have your eyes on a brand-new PC? If yes, we bet that you would be desperately looking for some good powerhouse CPU options!

Well, what better than Intel’s core processors?

While exploring various Intel core processors, people often get confused among all the core processor models, be it, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, or Intel Core i7 belonging to different generations in regard to many alike features!

Nonetheless, today’s demand is all about either the 9th generation or the newbie 10th one!

That’s why we are here with this article presenting the high demand face-off among the two intel core processors: 9th gen vs 10th gen!

Have a look at what all you will get to know:

  • Major Difference Between 9TH Vs 10TH Generation Intel Processors
  • Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen: Features
  • Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen Gaming and Graphics
  • Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen: Capabilities

Let’s start this saga!

Major Difference Between 9th Vs 10th Generation Intel Processors

Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen
Major Difference Between 9th Vs 10th Generation Intel Processors

In the question of intel 9th gen vs intel 10th gen desktop, it’s definitely the 10th generation for the win!

The 10th generation CPUs come with the never-discovered before, sunny core architecture, that enables the system to execute its functions in a much better way than previous generations of 8th or 9th did!

However, while there is a boost about the 10th Gen, the 9th gen is no less. For a desktop or PC, 9th gen with its 128 GB RAM support and beating all meltdown and specter vulnerabilities can be proved pretty good!

The main difference that lies here is that 10th Gen is more developed and advanced, offers wholesome10-nanometer protocols, and better AI features too which any 9th gen would lack!

To give you a better understanding of these differences, let’s head over to specific feature differentiation between different core models of these two generations!

Let’s explore for more!

Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen: Features

Selecting an Intel core processor between its 9th and 10th generation models can be tricky and confusing, but not anymore, as we are here segregating them on the basis of their features!

Let’s see!

Intel Core I3 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen

While the 9th Gen Intel Core i3 desktop processor is a 14 nm processor which supports LGA 1151, the 10th gen Core i3 can successfully support LGA 1200.

On the other hand, In the 9th gen, there are 4 threads while a 10th gen processor would have 8 threads to allow the instructions to be managed by a single CPU core.

9th Gen Vs 10th Gen Intel Core I7

9th Gen Vs 10th Gen Intel Core I7
9th Gen Vs 10th Gen Intel Core I7

The 9th gen comes with a 3.0GHz base frequency and can crank maximum turbo frequency up to blazing 4.70 GHz. Along with this, it holds a total of 12MB of Intel Smart Cache.

On the other hand, the 10th gen one comes with a 2.90GHz Base frequency and can effectively crank maximum turbo frequency up to blazing 4.80GHz and a capacity to hold 16MB of Intel Smart Cache too!

Intel Core I5 9th Generation Vs 10th Generation

These two processors have a lot in common like a TDP rating of 65W, the max memory size of 128GB, dual-channel DDR4 support for up to 2666Mhz with some of the best security features.

That’s why it wouldn’t make much of a difference even if you skip the 10th gen i5 and opt for the 9th gen i5.

Now you know, which Intel core processor and its generation hold apt for your use!

Another thing people wish to know regarding a core processor is its graphic quality. Let’s get to know this quality in Intel core processors!

Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen Gaming And Graphics

For better graphics, the 10th Gen core has been considered a more reliable source!

For instance, if it’s intel core i7 9th gen vs i5 10th gen or even the intel core i3 10th gen vs i5 9th gen, no matter which core processor, 10th gen along with its cutting-edge technology and built-in Intel UHD Graphics 630 with 4K support at 60Hz beats all!

Moving on to gaming, everyone tends to wonder, is the i7 9th gen good for gaming or is the i7 10th gen good for gaming?

Well, here is the much-awaited answer!

Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen Gaming And Graphics
9th Gen Vs 10th Gen Gaming And Graphics

The 10th gen processor offers you an extended mode, good highlight retention, and dynamic range levels of G7.

Also, with its Iris Plus graphics architecture, you would experience a much smoother gaming platform than ever!

A 9th gen processor won’t let you play all the high-capacity games or stream videos in billions of colors and at faster speed like a 10th gen processor would do!

Now you know in the battle of intel i7 9th gen vs 10th gen for gaming, 10th gen wins it all because of its advanced features providing a superb gaming experience!

Let’s move ahead to learning which generation has better capabilities for upgrading your desktop!

Intel 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen: Capabilities

Keeping aside all the technical features and its graphic limits, there are some other differences too which hold importance to come to your attention!

In the 10th gen models, the new Thunderbolt 3 will be no less than a blessing as it enables CPUs to consume a very little amount of energy, hence saving more battery.

Also, the wifi area makes 9th gen and 10th gen so apart from each other. While the 9th Gen is of the Wi-Fi 802.11ac feature, the 10th Gen processor is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 feature.

However, the 9th Gen processors have higher clock speeds than the 10th Gen models. But clock speed features aren’t that much in use, which gives the more execution and highly demanding features of 10th gen little edge over!

Henceforth, the 10th Gen processor is definitely worth your system’s upgrade and offers improved performance with some new and unique features that make your CPUs process the information more effectively!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 9th Gen Intel Worth It?

Yes, 9th gen can be worth it if your daily work is simple job tasks, surfing over the net, or normal 1080p gaming stuff.

2. What Is Better When It’s Intel 8th Gen Vs 9th Gen Vs 10th Gen?

It’s always the new generation that comes with better processors. In this scenario, it’s obvious that Intel 10th gen is better due to its multi-core capabilities and some new features of thunderbolt, architecture updates, and expansion of WIFI area too.

3. Is Intel 10th Gen Good For Gaming?

Indeed, the 10th gen core processor is a must for all the gamers out there! But one caution that remains is that the processor will only work its best when it’s accompanied by a good motherboard, discrete GPU, and a fresh dual channel ram kit.


To sum up, Intel core 9th generation processor and Intel core 10th generation processor share some similar features while being a new generation as a whole, there come some multi-core features that 9th generation lacks.

Although, it’s not wise enough to shift to the 10th gen processor of your daily use is limited to just browsing and other job things as the dual-core processor of 9th gen would too be enough for that!

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose!

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