Power Guide For Powerbeats Pro

Power Guide For Powerbeats Pro: Detailed Steps To Connect Powerbeats Pro with Windows 10, Mac And iPhone and other Connectivity Concerns

Are you a proud owner of the Powerbeats Pro? Well, it gives you the feeling of pleasure and will help you to showcase them as a status symbol by putting extra stars on your choice.

But, do you know how to connect powerbeats pro to windows 10?

Well, this article will support you with all the information related to powerbeats pro device, its usage, connectivity issues, and troubleshooting.

 If you are in trouble or will face any difficulty with your powerbeats pro then, this will be your one-stop article which will through some light on all the important aspects of this device.

So let’s gear up and learn the first step which is to connect the powerbeats pro to various devices.

Connecting Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10 / Laptop / Desktop

Connecting Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10
Power Guide For Powerbeats Pro

Are you thinking to connect powerbeats 3 to windows 10 and want to know How to connect powerbeats pro to a laptop?

No worries, when we are here.

Follow the below steps to connect your favorite Powerbeats pro to a laptop, desktop, or Android device.

  • Make sure to turn the Bluetooth on of the device with which you want to connect your Powerbeats pro
  • Keep your Powerbeats Pro earbuds inside the case and let the case lid be open
  • Press hold the system button till the time LED blinks
  • Now open menu of the Bluetooth of the device to which Powerbeats pro needs to be connected
  • A list will appear on which you will see your powerbeats pro’s name, tap on the name
  • Your Powerbeats Pro is connected to the system now

And you are all set to connect powerbeats 3 to windows 10.

But, if you want to connect Powerbeats pro To Mac, here is the way out!

Connecting Powerbeats Pro To Mac

How to connect powerbeats pro to mac? Owners who are seeking answers to this question should read the below points.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth option of your Mac
  • Keep the Powerbeats pro earbuds inside the case with its lid open
  • Long hold system button. Leave the button once LED starts blinking
  • Now Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences > Click Bluetooth
  • List will appear. Select the Powerbeats Pro from the list.
  • Your Mac is now connected to your Powerbeats pro

Moving forward, its time to connect powerbeats pro to iPhone

Connecting Powerbeats Pro To Iphone

Connecting Powerbeats Pro To Iphone
Power Guide For Powerbeats Pro

To know how to connect powerbeats pro to iPhone below steps are mentioned. Follow them carefully to pair your Powerbeats pro to your iPhone

  • Remember to turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone
  • Keep your Powerbeats pro inside the case with lid open
  • Now place your Powerbeats pro just 2 inches far from your unlocked iPhone
  • Further steps will appear on the screen, follow them accordingly
  • Your iPhone is connected to the Powerbeats pro

By following the above steps you will be able to connect your precious Powerbeats pro to any device.

However, there is some situation wherein you are trying to connect your Powerbeats Pro to a device but your powerbeats pro not connecting.

These connectivity issues can occur with anyone and with any device.

There can be a scenario wherein we are Unable to Connect with Bluetooth or can’t connect powerbeats pro to windows 10.

Let’s learn about both scenarios.

Connectivity Concerns

Unable To Connect Powerbeats With Bluetooth

It is always advisable to double-check the Bluetooth. Sometimes Outdated Bluetooth Drivers are the reason for your Powerbeats not getting connected.

  • Simply update the Bluetooth Drives on your device by clicking on “Update” option.
  •  You will have up to date Bluetooth drives now.

If Bluetooth is working fine or you have already updated the drivers and still you are not able to connect or are still encountering the problem then follow the below steps.

  • Keep your Powerbeats Pro earbuds back in the case and leave its lid open
  • Now you need to long press the system button in the case
  • Leave the button after 10-15 seconds when the LED light turns red and white
  • Your powerbeats pro is ready to be paired again to your device now

Unable To Connect Powerbeats To Windows 10

Unable To Connect Powerbeats To Windows 10
Power Guide For Powerbeats Pro

One of the reasons for your Powerbeats not getting connected to Windows 10 (Laptop) is powerbeats pro windows 10 drivers are not updated or not installed properly. You can update your windows drive by:

  • Going into windows update > check updates > Update
  •  Windows will automatically update all the missing or latest drivers on your system

Post updating the drives or drives is up to the date but still, you are not able to connect. Don’t worry. Just follow the below steps if you are unable to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 and you will be able to fix all the issues.

  • Place your powerbeats pro inside the charging case
  • Now connect the charging case to windows 10 with the help of USB cable (you can directly connect it with Bluetooth also if your laptop is compatible to Bluetooth)
  • Install the “Beats Updater” to your computer
  • Now launch the Updater and follow the steps. You will be able to connect your Powerbeats to Windows 10 now.

All the connectivity issues can be sorted by resetting your Powerbeats pro of the devices.

You can easily map your device and can link your Powerbeats Pro to them. But there are cases wherein you may encounter some major issues with your powerbeats for which troubleshooting steps would be needed.

Powerbeats pro troubleshooting will help you to gauge the problem and will provide certain steps, through which you will be able to resolve them.

Issues like powerbeats pro left ear not working or powerbeats pro connected but no sound in the device is a very common issue that can be sorted through certain steps. Let’s see all of them.

PowerBeats Connectivity Concerns With Accessories

Left Ear Not Working

This issue arises when earplugs don’t receive proper signals it can be due to half plugging of the cable. Troubleshooting steps would answer how to fix powerbeats pro one side not working issue.

Let’s see.

  • Powerbeats Pro Earbuds needs to be restarted
  • Press both the power buttons along with volume down key for 10-15 seconds
  • Release the button only when LED light glows
  • The device has been reset and now can be paired with the device of your choice

No Sound Issue

No Sound Issue
No Sound Issue

This issue can occur due to earphones, Bluetooth, charging, or sound issue. We simply need to rest the device by following the below steps.

  • Check if your powerbeats pro are fully charged and connected
  • Place the earbuds in the charging compartment with lid open
  • Click on hold thy system button for 15 second
  • LED light will appear release the button
  • Start using the device

This is the troubleshooting/reset process of your precious Powerbeats pro. By following it you will be able to resolve maximum issues yourself and no expert help will be required.

Powerbeats pro is the favorite product of the user, Hence, taking extra care of the product is also important. Care users face certain queries regarding the usage of the Powerbeats pro.

Hence, to answer such queries we have gathered a few major frequently asked questions of the consumers which we will be discussing here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Connect My Powerbeats Pro To My PC?

To connect powerbeats pro to PC you always need to follow the below steps:

  • Your audio should not be plugged in the system because the system will not gauge the other audio device. So, plug out the audio device if it is plugged in.
  • Click on Settings > Devices > Bluetooth > other devices
  • Now Click Bluetooth or other devices. A list will appear on which you will find the name of your Powerbeats, click on the name.
  • The system will now automatically start pairing
  • Once your earphone’s light stop blinking it’s the time your earphone has been connected and you can enjoy your Powerbeats pro

2. Does Powerbeats Pro Work With Windows 10?

Yes, Powerbeats Pro is compatible with Windows 10.  You need to power on the button for 5 seconds so that earplugs can be discovered by the system. Select the Powerbeats Pro name from the Bluetooth list and you are connected.

3. Can You Connect Beats To Windows 10?

Yes, you can connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10. To connect to the device you need to do a basic check and pair the device.  Make sure Bluetooth is on and your earbuds are fully charged.


In the end, we are sure that you all have become Maters of this device now. By following resetting steps you can simply reset the device and can get rid of small issues with your Power Guide For Powerbeats Pro.

By ensuing troubleshooting steps you will be able to identify and resolve all the encountered issues without any technical assistance.

So what are you waiting for? Go become techy and start testing your device.

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