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Square Enix Error Code I2501 insights: Know All About Its Causes & Fixes

Isn’t it annoying when you get all set to play your all-time favorite final fantasy but instead encounter the square enix error code i2501! Well, you are not alone who has landed in this situation!

You all must know how famous of a publisher square enix is for its Final Fantasy series, Tomb Raider, or Life is Strange games! As much as the action and adventure these games provide you, sometimes technical error codes can end all the fun!

Now, this article will provide you with a complete guide on why you experience square enix error code i2501 and how to proceed once you get your hands on it, especially on the final fantasy xiv!

Let’s get started!

Cases And Causes Of Ffxiv Error Code I2501

Cases And Causes Of Ffxiv Error Code I2501
Cases And Causes Of Ffxiv Error Code I2501

If you happen to be a newbie searching for a solution, the first thing you need to know is that ffxiv error codes occur only in certain situations! Wondering what situations? Have a look at them:

  • During payment transactions in mog station
  • During registration process

Let’s see what causes the ff14 error code i2501 to flash on your screen in these situations!

In the Mog Station

People usually get so anxious whenever they face up with an error code: i2501 while doing the necessary payment and fail to realize that it’s just a warning code indicating some wrong activity during the payment process.

But what causes this Mog station error code i2501 to arise and payment to fail? This can be explained by the following reasons:

  1. If you don’t select the payment method correctly or enter details in a wrongful manner, there are going to be rejections in your request.
  1. The credit/debit card user’s absence in the card’s registered country can also be an issue.
  1. If your pc is active with VPN or Proxies, then it’s these protectors who are trying to reject the payment and cause the error code i2501 mog station specific.

Now you know which events you need to take care of while making a game purchase in the mog station!

Now let’s get ahead to see what causes error codes during your account creation process!

Square Enix Error Code: I2501 Account Creation

Square Enix Error Code: I2501 Account Creation
Square Enix Error Code: I2501 Account Creation

A lot of users have experienced the error code at the time of new registration of account creations or after a free trial. If that has happened with you too, here are the possible reasons for this:

  1.  People have reported the ffxiv registration code not working pc or even in mobiles! Either you are not identifying the codes correctly or you must have a service account that already has the Windows version of the game registered to it.
  1. It’s also likely that the key you are entering is allocated for a different region instead of your account.
  1. Square enix error code: i2501 free trial issues are a real problem! After a free trial, when the user tries to purchase the game and it shows you an error, it’s the website’s technical issues, non maintenance that is the core problem.

Now that you know all the scenarios and workflows where you can encounter this error code, it’s time to answer the question that has made you restless finding its apt solution: How do I fix error code i2501?

Fixing The Square Enix Error Code: I2501

Final fantasy 14 lovers, who have been playing for a very long time, would understand the pain of rectifying these error codes!

No doubt ffxiv error code: i2501 fix procedures can be really tricky, but using the right techniques and following all the steps in a correct manner can really make your work easier!

Before we run to a detailed step-by-step tutorial, we have some short hacks in line for you that might work better than those big procedures. Let’s see some tricks!

  • Switch to a web browser other than Google chrome like internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Apparently, sometimes it is just the web browser that isn’t updated to process your request!
  • Switch off your internet router for sometime and then resume. Even restart your pc.
  • Match the code correctly and make sure the key you enter is of the region your account is present in.
  • If you want your payment transaction to go smoothly and successful in one try, always use your phone instead of a pc. Additionally, resort to mobile data while carrying out the payments.
  • Wait for 24 hours and try again.

If these short hacks work for you, then great!

Otherwise, reside within these technical procedures that guarantee the error code to be gone!

More Technical Procedures To Fix The Error Code

More Technical Procedures To Fix The Error Code
More Technical Procedures To Fix The Error Code

1. Giving VPN And Proxies A Break

These can be a big issue causing the error code to occur consistently due to its security and transparency concerns. So how can you turn them off for the time being? Here’s how:

  • Open the settings of your windows.
  • Tap on the Network & Internet.
  • You will see a tab of proxy there which you need to open.
  • Locate the setting of Use a proxy server in it and turn it off.

Once this is done, check the error code and it will be gone, giving you a clear way to play your game!

2. Incognito Mode To The Rescue

Incognito mode has been a savior to many users facing the error code! This private browsing can be useful to you too if you use Mozilla firefox! Here are the steps you need to know:

Step1: When you open the home page of Mozilla Firefox, go to the three dashes icon visible at the upper-right corner.

Step2: From the list that appears, choose the New Private Window option.

Phew! That’s how you activate the incognito mode. Now log onto the square Enix again and check if the error code pops up again and there are high chances of it not appearing to bother you!

3. White-Listing Ffxiv In Internet Properties

White-Listing Ffxiv In Internet Properties
White-Listing Ffxiv In Internet Properties

Whitelisting the FFXIV game site, allowing the use of cookies and cache in your Internet properties can be a great way. It can be helpful in solving this issue as sometimes these sites aren’t granted full access to get through your request properly!

But one caution that comes along. While implying this trick, you need to access the game through steam. If you don’t know the way to do here’s a quick review!

How To Connect Ffxiv To Steam,

Although, you can’t link a non-steam account to steam, here is a quick way that actually works!

  • Label the existing launcher as a non steam game.
  • Now, download the ‘trial’ and buy the base game from steam and use your existing credentials to login into it.

Now after you connect FFXIV to steam, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can pinpoint certain URLs to cure the error code issue!

Step1: Launch the Run application in your windows system.

Step2: In the command box, type inetcpl.CPL and press enter to run the command.

Step3: This would open up the internet settings where you need to go into the privacy tab.

Step4: Click on Sites as visible under the privacy tab and copy-paste the following URLs one by one where it demands the address of the website: frontier.ffxiv.com, ffxiv-login.square-enix.com

Step 5: Press allow and save the changes. Restart your device and check if the error is gone or not!

Not only will these solutions help you get rid of that annoying error code of i2501 but also come in handy when you have a problem of ffxiv world transfer not working!

If you are lucky enough, these solutions are all you need but if none of them works for you, it’s best to contact the Square Enix support team where professionals will work to get you out of this situation!

Now, it’s sure that you will master the square i2501 with all the insights you have gained!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is My Square Enix Account Suspended?

This must-have happened if you have violated some terms. It also happens when you have been active on your account after a long time of inactivity or logging in from a new unregistered device or location.

2. How Long Does Square Enix Support Take?

Square Enix support responds to your ticket in a maximum of 2 days.

3. How Do I Recover My Square Enix Account?

It’s a pretty simple process of resetting your password through the “Forgot your ID or password?” option below the “Log in” button. If there is intense trouble, it’s advisable to contact the support team.

Final Words

To conclude, square Enix error code i2501 is basically a warning code that occurs doing a payment transaction related to the Final Fantasy 14 game indicates some kind of wrong input affecting the payment processor while creating a new account.

But as trivial as this problem sounds, there are loads of such solutions you can try to rectify this error for forever and keep on enjoying your action game! So take it in a chill way and imply the solution that works for you!

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose!

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