what companies are in the healthcare field

What Companies Are In The Health Care Field?

All the industries that provide medical goods and services to treat patients efficiently are called companies in the health care field. They manufacture medicines, medical equipment provides medical insurance, and all other facilities to provide better healthcare for their patients.

Health providers include medical home networks, public health agencies, hospitals, health insurance providers, and all other related companies.

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for health care companies increased a lot. Even though there are many companies in the health care field, not all of them provide better service. This article will help you find the best companies in the health care field.

The rise in health care providers has increased a lot of job opportunities. Thus, if you are interested in caring for people, you can choose healthcare as a career. For jobs in this field, you must meet all the qualification requirements, as it is based on the health of a person.

What Is Health Care?

Health care is the precautions taken to improve health via preventing diseases, diagnosis, treatment, insurance, amelioration, and cure of disease. In simple words, it is the steps taken to provide care for your health.

It involves taking treatment or care for all types of health issues from a simple cold to any dangerous disease. Generally, health care is delivered by a professional, who has experience in this field.

An individual should maintain good health care to prevent diseases and have a healthy life. Health care services help people to maintain their health in case of any health issues.  

Types Of Health Care

Commonly, health care can be classified based on different levels such as

Primary Health Care

Primary health care services are those companies or hospitals that provide universal health care accessible to everyone. The main objective of primary healthcare is to provide continuous and comprehensive care to patients.

Secondary Health Care

Secondary health care involves a specialist treatment for any particular kind of problem. Professionals who are specialized in a particular field will treat the patients in secondary health care.

Tertiary Health Care

Professionals who are specialized in a particular field will treat the patients in tertiary health care. Tertiary health care is provided to patients based on the reference to secondary health care.

Classification based on other needs

Physical Health Care

Physical health care is all about your physical fitness. It involves protecting your body from diseases, increasing muscular strength, flexibility, etc.

Mental Health Care

All services are undertaken to improve mental health, and treatment for mental illness falls into mental health care. It includes the measures taken to get rid of mental disorder problems.

Social Health Care

Apart from caring for yourself, health care provided to society can be referred to as social health care. Social health insurance is a form of health care service to manage the health risk of people.

Types Of Healthcare Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are those that research, develops, manufacture, and market drugs or pharmaceutical drugs. They are manufacturing drugs for medicinal purposes, intending to cure their diseases.


Hospitals are places where any diseased person can get treatment. Some hospitals are specialized in a specific type of disease and others treat most of all kinds of disease. It is the primary healthcare service all over the world.

Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance companies provide insurance to a diseased patient to cover medical and surgical expenses. An individual will have to pay beforehand to avail of this healthcare service.

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Top 10 Companies Healthcare Field

To get the best healthcare treatment you need to find the best place. Here is a list of top companies in the healthcare field. Find the best healthcare company that suits your needs from the details provided below.

1.  CVS Health: Pharmacy Company

CVS Health: Pharmacy Company

CVS Health is a leading American healthcare company, that provides health insurance and many other services. It is a leading pharmacy retail chain to helps people with their health.

Last year the company collected revenue of close to $140 billion, thus becoming one of the biggest healthcare companies in the world.

Headquarters location: Woonsocket, Rhode Island, US

No of employees: around 13,628

Available places: Only in the US

Services provided

  • Pharmacy services
  • Health and wellness services
  • Health plans
  • Virtual healthcare services

2.  UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is an American multinational healthcare and insurance company, which is trying to make the health system better for everyone.

The company was listed 21st on Forbes Global 2000 among the world’s largest public companies. UnitedHealth Group’s principal divisions consist of UnitedHealthcare, OptumHeatlh, OptumInsight, and OptumRx.

Headquarters location: Minnetonka, Minnesota, US

No of employees: around 3 lakhs

Available places: available in 130 countries including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, etc

Services provided

  • Health insurance
  • Medicare

3.  McKesson Corp

McKesson Corp

McKesson Corporation is a leading producer of medicines, pharmaceutical supplies, and health information technology products in the US.

McKesson has become the largest pharmaceutical distributor in North America. McKesson develops and installs health information systems in hospitals, offices, and all other healthcare agencies. It will help in providing better treatment services.

Headquarters location: Irving, Texas, United States

No of employees: 80,000+ employees

Available places: It is available in 13 including Europe.

Services provided

  • Pharmaceutical distribution
  • Wholesale medical supplies
  • Pharmacy services and technology

4.  AmerisourceBergen


AmerisourceBergen is a leading wholesale drug manufacturing company formed by the merging of Bergen Brunswig and AmeriSource. The company is ranked 8th on the Fortune 500 among other companies from 50 countries. Amerisource currently has over 50,000 managed products and is providing its services in over 1 lakh locations all over the world. Along with human healthcare, the company also provides animal health solutions.

Headquarters location: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, US

No of employees: 42,000

Available places: UK, Turkey, Spain, etc

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Services provided

  • Long-term care pharmacy
  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Advocating for providers and patients
  • Specialty physician practices

5.  Cigna Corporation

Cigna Corporation

Cigna Corporation is a multinational health insurance company that provides global healthcare services. With affordable medical services, they are missioned to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of everyone.

Headquarters location: The headquarters of Cigna Corporation is located in Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States.

No of employees: Around 73,800 employees are currently working in this company.

Available places: North America, Asia, Europe, etc.

Services provided

  • Health insurance
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicare plans

6.  Cardinal Health Incorporation

Cardinal Health Incorporation

Cardinal Health Incorporation is also a US company, that distributes pharmaceuticals. Apart from that, they also provide medical and laboratory products, performance, and data solutions for healthcare facilities. With over 50 years of experience, they will provide the best healthcare for complicated challenges. Currently, Cardinal Health Incorporation is providing healthcare products to more than 3.4 million people.

Headquarters location: Dublin, Ohio

No of employees: In 2021 the company had around 48,000 workers

Available places: It is operating in more than 30 countries globally.

Services provided

  • Health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicare supplement insurance

7.  Walgreens Boots Alliance Incorporation

Walgreens Boots Alliance Incorporation

Walgreens Boots Alliance Incorporation is integrated healthcare, pharmacy, and retail leader. It is providing services to millions of customers and patients every day in over 9 countries.

Walgreens Boots Alliance is the parent company of the online stores Drugstore.com, VisionDirect.com, and Beauty.com. Mainly the company operates in three divisions national retail chain, international retail chain, and pharmaceutical wholesale.

Headquarters location:

No of employees: More than 10,000 employees are working in Walgreens Boots Alliance Incorporation.

Available places: The company has brand stores in countries including the UK, Mexico, Thailand, Ireland, etc.

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Services provided

  • Global pharmacy
  • Medicare

8.  Anthem Incorporation

Anthem Incorporation

Anthem is a leading health insurance company in America that offers Medicare and Medicaid plans. It is the largest independently held healthcare organization in the country and is serving over 118 million people.

They are working to provide service beyond healthcare to the people. It includes health dental and vision insurance, providing service to 40 million customers in the US alone.

Headquarters location: The headquarters of Anthem incorporation is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

No of employees: Anthem incorporation is a large organization with over 83,400 employees.

Available places: The company is providing its service to different places like New York, Missouri, Ohio, etc. It has around 4,300 club sites all around the nation.

Services provided

  • Hospitals
  • Health care clinics
  • Physicians
  • Health plan services

9.  Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is one of the earliest health care companies with over 130 years of service and experience. Thus, it is the world’s largest broadly based healthcare company.

The company has more than 275 companies manufacturing medical supplies, serving a lot of people. It is also the highest-paid drug company in the world and has collected over $82 million in annual revenue.

Headquarters location: The headquarters is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey

No of employees: More than 10,000 employees are working under Johnson & Johnson healthcare company.

Available places: It is available in around 111 countries like Austria, Bangladesh, Australia, etc.

Services provided

  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Baby products
  • Consumer packaged goods

10.  Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation is a publicly-traded managed care company, which provides government-sponsored and privately insured health care services. The company has received a rank of 24 in Fortune 500.

People can get access to the best healthcare, innovative programs, and health solutions via Centene Corporation. Providing services in over 50 states with 3 international markets, it is one of the leading health care companies. The company has over 35 years of experience in this field, thus it will provide more efficient service.

Headquarters location: Centene corporation is located in St. Louis, Missouri, United States

The total number of employees: Currently the company has over 47,300 employees working towards their success.

Available places: Europe and the United Kingdom

Services provided

  • Medicaid
  • Health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Correctional healthcare

Healthcare Experience

Any work in health-related fields (both paid and unpaid), where an individual is partially responsible for a patient’s care is a healthcare service. Healthcare experience is the individual experience in working in such healthcare fields.

It involves filling prescriptions, clerical work, providing food for the patient, cleaning the patient’s room, and all other related activities.

Physical assistant programs generally look for healthcare experience while reviewing the candidate’s application. In common the number of hours worked in the healthcare field is considered as the total experience. Some of the easy methods to gain healthcare experience are


The main duty of caregivers is to assist the patients, in doing their daily activities. It includes making beds, doing laundry, preparing meals, and providing them with advice.

Medical assistant

The medical assistant performs most of all the office works including answering calls, updating medical records, scheduling appointments, etc. They are also responsible for taking blood pressure, preparing the patients for examination, and assisting the doctors.

Medical biller

A medical biller is the one who collects payments from the patients and maintains billing records.

There are many other related works like:

Medical secretary

Nursing assistant

Patient sitter

Psychiatric aide


1. What are some health care businesses?

Health care businesses are those sectors that provide goods and services to treat patients. Some of the common healthcare businesses are retail pharmacy stores, ambulance services, corporate wellness centers, health insurance providers, and fitness centers.

2. What are the 4 primary health care sectors?

The four primary health sectors are Health care services and facilities, Medical appliances manufacturing, medical insurance and medical care, and Pharmaceuticals. All these sectors provide medical help to people.

3. What are the 6 healthcare professionals?

Healthcare professionals are those who provide healthcare treatment and medical care for people. The important six healthcare professionals are physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists, and medical technologists.

4. Who is the most significant health care company?

CVS Health Corporation and UnitedHealth group are significant health care company, which provide the biggest and most efficient services to everyone. A good health care company provides quality medical products and services.

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