Should Your Business Use Performance Planner

Why Should Your Business Use Performance Planner?

A performance planner is a tool that helps you to create certain plans regarding your business performance.

This article gives the reason for “Why should your business use a performance planner?”.

 It helps for planning the advertising spend, shows you how changes in campaigns might affect key matrices, and the overall performance of your campaign.

A performance planner is used in business because it gives recommendations that are validated using machine language.

Performance planner uses machine learning and account history to forecast the possibilities of advertising campaigns.

Topics described here includes Importance of performance planner, best ways of using a performance planner, its recommendations, and so on.

Reasons To Use Busines Planner Performance

Performance planning is a systematic and structured way of planning and forecasting the desired goals of an organization.

Hence, perfromance planner uses machine learning to achieve greater accuracy in a forecasting advertising campaign.

It uses billions of search queries and uses the data collected in forecasting. Also, it is updated every 2 hours.

These are the following points to understand why should your business use performance planner.

  • You can check and review the campaigns using a performance planner. The forecasting can be made monthly or quarterly based on your choice.
  • Secondly, it helps you to validate the budget against other vendors.
  • Thirdly, get important suggestions which can help in improving the campaign and give a better performance.
  • It helps you find out how the business goals are affected in certain situations and give recommendations to change the campaign settings to achieve the goals.
  • Overall, a performance planner helps in maximum utilization of the business resources.

Role Of Performance Planner

Read the following points to understand the role of a performance planner for your business.

Access forecasts

The performance planner collects all the data required for the forecast and you can access those data and check the details.

Explore outcomes

You can change the outcome of the planner by changing certain settings.

If the settings do not help you reach the goals, the planner will recommend changing the setting.

Understand Opportunities

The forecasting is done on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the campaign settings you have chosen.

It helps you understand the better opportunities during seasonal periods and increase the accuracy of the campaign.

Manage budgets

Furthermore, it helps the user to manage the budgets across accounts and campaigns.

Sales increase in Business with performance planner

There are several ways by which a performance planner helps to increase sales in business.

So, what is one way that performance planner helps businesses increase sales? Well,  there are many ways, have a look at them below.

  • By choosing the appropriate ad type for your organization.
  • By relying on the feedback given by the customers and solving the problems mentioned by the customers.
  • By providing a discount for the purchases made on your website after getting a license.
  • By increasing the conversions.

So, ensure that you follow each step carefully to use a performance planner in a best way.

To Manage Budgets

Steps For Using A Performance Planner To Create A Plan

The following steps will help you create a plan, check the performance, and make it work.

  1. First of all, sign in to your performance planner account.
  2. From the tools & settings icon open the performance planner.
  3. Select Create a plan, option and click Continue.
  4. Select the campaign settings that you wish to include in your plan.
    o Choose the best-recommended campaigns that drive towards the same goal.
    o You will have to change the campaign settings based on the performance. To change the campaigns one can exclude the created campaign or can include them by adding cost and conversion amounts.
    o If you are making settings for shopping campaigns having multiple campaigns, select one merchant so that you can filter out that merchant center from others.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter the recommended data range and key matric.
    You can also enter a target range for the performance planner to achieve.
  7. Click Continue to move to the forecast page.
  8. A Draft plan page will be provided where you can make changes to the overview of your plan.
  9. The forecast graph shows the graphical representation of the overall performance of the campaign
  10. The final step is to review and implement your plan.

But, before using a performance planner, you need to know various things, Thus, you need to thoroughly understand what does a performace planner automatically do. Then you can get the best benefit from it.

What Does A Performance Planner Automatically Do?

Moreover, performance planner automatically forecasts your current campaigns with the data collected by doing billions of searches to show how the campaign works in the future.

It provides recommendations to improve the performance.

So, the planning tool helps in forecasting the campaign monthly, quarterly, and annually and also helps to improve your return on investment.

Performance planner analyse massive amount of search queries. Also, it is updated every 24 hours to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the outcome.

  • Performance planner uses machine learning to target new demographics.
  • Gives recommendations to set your ad budget for its maximum growth.
  • Forecasts about the performance of campaigns in the future.
  • Recommends the best campaign settings based on your ad structure and budget.

What Can A Performance Planner Recommend?

The performance planner recommends a Campaign-level Target CPA. Hence, the planner mainly recommends in

  • Firstly, applying the bid adjustments to specified locations.
  • Secondly, including or excluding certain search partners in Google.
  • Thirdly, using target as an automated bid strategy.
  • Additionally, campaign-level- Target CPA

Apart from that, performance planner helps you improve your return on investment.

It is recommended to separate campaigns with various marketing objectives for different types of  performance planners.

This can help in getting better results. Thus, you need to know how a performance planner serve your business to reach new heights.

Performance Planner, Serving Your Business

A performance planner can serve your business by utilizing the inputs to make maximum growth.

Along with that, the planner optimizes your ad budget for providing growth.

How can a Performance planner serve your business?

  • It helps you find areas of your total budget that can help you to contribute to the market.
  • Performance planner finds out the best Google ad that suits your brand appropriately and recommends it to the user.
  • The planner helps in teaching the employees about the fundamentals of personal budgeting.
  • Performance planner optimizes your ad budget to provide maximum growth.

Also, planning the Ads budgets helps you in getting knowledge about the future spending potential of the current Ads.

However, there are some untrue facts about forecasting through performance planner. So, you must remain careful of it to make the right decision.

Untrue Statements Regarding Forecasting

People often mistake the fact that “Short-range forecasts are less accurate than long-range forecasts is not true for forecasting”.

Forecasting is a process of predicting the future by using the information from the previous data as inputs.

Forecasting helps the user to know the future impacts of certain current campaigns.

It is used by various businesses to determine their budget plans with anticipated costs which helps them to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, it helps the firm in forecasting what will happen in the future based on the knowledge collected from the occurrences in the past and present.

This shows that “Short-range forecasts are less accurate than long-range forecasts is not true”.

Along with that, there are various ways performance planner can boost your ads campaign.

Ad Campaign

Ways By Which The Performance Planner Can Reveal The Possibilities Across All Your Ads Campaign

The methods include

  • Distribution
  • Instrumentation
  • Differentiation
  • Validation
  • Simulation

Validation and Simulation are the two important ways in which a performance planner can help reveal the possibilities of the Ad campaign.


The performance planner helps in performing backward and forward measurements accurately for various thousands of campaigns.

Measurements are made across periods of 90, 30, 1, 7 days for ensure that the planner is making valid recommendations.


Performance planner simulates relevant ad auctions with query level variables like seasonality, click-through rate, competitors, landing page, and time of day.

Based on the given recommendations one can achieve the goal of making the ad performance better. Furthermore, remarking list are highly useful for search ads to improve engagement with your customers.

When should you use remarketing lists for search ads?

 You should use the remarketing lists for search ads if you want to reach peoples who have already engaged with your firm and its website.

Remarketing lists for search ads is a Google Ads tool. Hence, it helps you to focus on customers who have already visited your website.

If they are frequently visiting your website, you can easily include them in your remarketing list.

The customers in the remarketing lists will be able to see your Ads website at the top of their search. If they are interested in the offer in your ad, they can click on it.

Therefore, remarketing lists are the best way to sell products and services to those who have already made a purchase.

To Reach Out To New Customers

Remarketing lists for search ads are used to reach out to new customers who share the behaviors and characteristics of your remarketing audience segments.

Identify Loyal Customers

Secondly, it also allow you to find loyal customers who need the services and offers made on your website.

It Helps You Reach People Based On Their Demographic Criteria

As mentioned earlier, the most important use of remarketing lists is to reach peoples who have already purchased.

Hence, it helps you to sell other subordinate things that are related to the first purchase made by the customer.

Reach new customers

Frequently Asked Question

1.  Why should business use performance Planner?

You should use a performance planner in business to get better results in the future as the performance planner gives recommendations that are valid in the future.

2.  What is the use of performance Planner?

A performance planner is used to create plans for your advertising and to know how it affects future sales and performance.

3.  How does the performance Planner help increase a company’s sales?

The performance planner helps increase the company’s sales by maximizing the number of conversions.

4.  Why can the performance Planner recommend?

The performance planner is useful in recommending CPA for improving the ROI of your firm.


In conclusion, a performance planner is a key to success for business organizations.

The features mentioned above give all the answers to the question “Why should your business use a performance planner.

The above information can be helpful to all the users who need to know about performance planners in detail.

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