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Window Theme Stories: Windows 10 Explorer Dark Theme

Are you one of the windows 10 explorer dark theme lovers out there? Well, then you would totally agree how having dark themes in mobiles, software and apps give you such an amazing outlook of these sites!

Now, you can also enjoy this dark experience on your PC with the all-new Windows 10 explorer dark theme!

Love for dark themes has been on the loop for the past many years!

From experiencing it on all other software, it was only fair that Microsoft now allows you to enable dark themes on your browser too!

We are here to help you know all about enabling dark themes on your explorer!

So, let’s save time and get to the point!

All About Dark Theme!

All About Dark Theme!
All About Dark Theme!

Window 10 Explorer Dark theme is a unique way to give mercy to your eyes while you sit and work the entire day behind your computer screens!

Furthermore, the pleasing eye themes have a variety to them. And these are known as

  • dark mode,
  • night mode and
  • black theme.

 This feature comes with

  • soothing light-coloured fonts,
  • icons, and
  •  all the required graphical user interface elements on a black background.

Thus, if you are a night owl and always tend to work in a low-light environment, then this dark theme is for you!

Moreover, it not only enhances your browser’s appearance. But this file explorer dark mode can now help you to reduce the daily power usage of your PC to a considerate level!

Getting all these benefits just by a single feature is definitely a win-win!

Now that all the newbies know what exactly dark theme is and what it offers you, it’s time to see how you can enable this setting onto your file explorer!

Let’s explore for more!

Enabling Dark Mode For File Explorer

Enabling Dark Mode For File Explorer
Enabling Dark Mode For File Explorer

All the Windows 10 users would know that there is already a default dark mode available for you in the system.

But what if some people want only the file explorer to be the one bearing the dark skin?

It has been seen that 70% of users prefer File Explorer to look for files, no matter where they are located which increases their screen time specifically on the file explorer tab.

Good for you guys, Windows 10 dark theme file explorer has been curated after Windows 10’s October 2018 Update!

Moving ahead, there are many who were unaware and those who were, didn’t know the process of its application.

That’s why we are here to provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide to enable dark theme windows 10 file explorer. Here comes the music to your ears!

Step 1: You need to right-click my mouse to access the contextual menu.

Step 2: Tap on the Personalize tab at the very bottom.

Step 3: Once the Personalize settings open up, click on the colors

Step 4: Now you would see the ‘choose your color’ option. Check if the default selected answer is Custom or Light.

Step 5: If it’s custom, then you can directly proceed on with step 6, but if it’s light, then first disable it and select custom.

Step 6: You can see the ‘Choose your default app mode’ option and Choose your default windows mode. Select dark under app mode one.

Although, if you want whole windows to be in dark mode, then select dark under the default windows mode too!

Once you complete all these, all will appear black-themed immediately, indicating a successful process completion!

This is the simplest process that you can opt for without any need for an update file!

Now that your query of how to make windows 10 file explorer black by changing files is resolved, it’s important to know some caution steps if by any chance these dark theme settings don’t cooperate!

Let’s have a look!

Quick Ways To Fix Windows 10 File Explorer Dark Theme Issues

Quick Ways To Fix Windows 10 File Explorer Dark Theme Issues
Quick Ways To Fix Windows 10 File Explorer Dark Theme Issues

Technical features like enabling dark themes can be troublesome in rare events. While many get it right in the first attempt, some aren’t fortunate enough and the dark mode poses problems in applying.

But we got you covered by these easy little steps you can attempt for rectifying this issue:

  • Update your windows to latest version, more aptly, Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809)
  • Restart your PC a few times.
  • Log out of your account and log in after sometime.
  • Apply the default windows 10 theme for some time.
  • Clear your PC of all the corrupt files it may have that might render failure of dark mode to apply.

You will be good to go by following them in a correct manner.

Now, it’s safe to say that you have complete knowledge regarding the Windows 10 dark theme file explorer!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There A Dark Theme For File Explorer?

Yes, now you can change File Explorer to a dark theme under Windows 10’s October 2018 Update.

2. Can Windows 10 Make Dark Themes?

Yes, you can easily find dark themes for apps and whole windows under the ‘colors’ option available in the Personalised settings.

3. How Do I Make My File Explorer A Dark Theme?

You can easily do that by heading to

  • settings
  • And then Personalisation,
  • under which you see colours option.
  • Choose Dark for the “Choose your default app mode” option and you are done!

4. How Do I Change The Appearance Of File Explorer In Windows 10?

If you are experiencing the problem of sudden changes in the appearance of File explorer and want your old way back, then it must be the navigation pane that has disappeared.

Select the View option, then the down arrow at the Navigation pane (top left), and tick the box beside the Navigation pane in the drop-down menu.

Final Words

To conclude, the dark theme for windows 10 file explorer is to save you from the default bright white background themes of your system. It’s all black with light-colored icons and other graphics.  

Further, for massive file explorer users, now you can imply this dark theme onto that too by just following this simple pattern of Settings > Personalization > Colors> change the default app mode> dark.

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose!

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